Survey Says (2)...

Here's more more audience reaction from our table reading of “The Last Days of Buster Drumwright."

Question #5: Can you name a favorite or memorable song or songs from the show?
"The opener, 'Lament,' is real catchy and stayed with you."
“I thought all the music was terrific and really followed the story. Very memorable songs. My favorite was ‘Kathleen’ because it was so moving."
"I liked the different kind of beat of ‘One Minute More.’ “
“ ‘Bath Time’ and ‘Nothing.’ "
“ ‘A Preacher’s What I’ll Be.’ ”
“I loved the quilting song, ‘Common Thread,’ between Kathleen and Mary. I also loved ‘Bath Time,’ So funny! Much needed comedic relief and very well placed within the story.”
“ ‘Nothing’ and ‘Kathleen.’ ”
“ ‘Kathleen,’ ‘Common Thread’ and ‘Give Me Your Hand’ were my favorites.”
“The opener, ‘Lament,’ ‘The Price,’ ‘Bath Time,’ ‘Nothing’.”
“Not my gift to remember names of songs but loved the songs. Beautiful.”

Final Question #6: Any other comments or suggestions?
“I have found myself thinking about the story and the songs over and over. It truly seemed like a 'Les Miserables' to me. Gripping story, gripping!”
“The music and lyrics were incredibly well done and the story is engaging, suspenseful, and entertaining!”
“To me, the musical seemed very character- driven. I feel like it would be easy to fall into stereotypes like 'the murderer' or 'the disheveled wife,' but it helped to see BOTH sides of every character’s story. I cared about Drumwright even though it felt wrong to care about him. Really brings out the moral lessons we learn at the end.”
“It was fabulous. Music was incredible.”
“Gripping and beautiful musical score.”
“Each character in the play read their parts so well you could actually picture in your mind the play as it might be onstage. VERY well done. The writing, producing, music....all were excellent."

“Keep going. Exciting to see where this show goes. It has a future.”

Thanks, audience!

-- Nan, Wayne, Jim and Billy