Music & Lyrics


Jim Weber has a long track record of writing and recording music in Nashville. He started out in the early 1980s by writing Amy Grant's hit, SINGING A LOVE SONG, six months after graduating from college.

In the decades to follow, other well-known artists like Debby Boone, Kathy Troccoli, Billy Sprague and the Imperials would record Jim’s songs, as well as popular artists like Helen Baylor and the Goodman Family.

Thousands of church youth choirs performed Jim’s two Dove Award winning musicals, THE RACE IS ON and FRIENDS FOREVER, co-written with Billy Sprague and Nan Gurley.

As a recording artist, Jim has released seven albums and is currently at work on number eight. His sensitive lyrics explore the depths of the heart. His song, CAN’T TALK, is a poignant description of the alienation between teens and parents. 

Jim is co-founder of Touchstone Youth Resources, a nonprofit organization dedicated to equipping youth and their families with the social, emotional, and spiritual assets they need for productive, hopeful and healthy lives. He founded Touchstone with his wife, Melony Pugh Weber, and serves as Associate Executive Director.

He also is co-founder of CiViL, a social/emotional education initiative that combines CiViL Groups, CiViL Service and CiViL Liberties to provide Character, Values and Leadership for high school students. CiViL Groups uses a non-religious approach to building character excellence.